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This wiki serves the BioNetGen user community by providing information about BioNetGen and tools for the development, annotation, and discussion of BioNetGen models. Only registered users may contribute to the wiki.

Please send questions, comments, and account requests to We will treat all help requests, including models or model snippets, as confidential.

In publications that use BioNetGen and related tools please follow our citation guidelines.

Current development of BioNetGen is supported in part by the NIGMS-funded (P41GM103712) National Center for Multiscale Modeling of Biological Systems (MMBioS). Past support has been provided by NIH grants (GM076570, GM103712, GM085273, AI35997, CA109552), NSF grant 0829788, the Arizona Biomedical Research Commission, and the Department of Computational Biology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

Main Menu

  • Download - For the latest BioNetGen software. Start here if you are new to BioNetGen.
  • Tutorials - Materials for getting started with BioNetGen and the RuleBender graphical interface.
  • Reference - Browse the BioNetGen Online Manual or get links to other published documentation.
  • Tips - Recipes for commonly-requested modeling elements and simulation tasks.
  • About BioNetGen
  • Published BioNetGen Models



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